Enquiry and How To Order

There are different ways to contact us for an enquiry:

1. Online Enquiry

In our tile catalogue you can search for your tile online, or send us an individual enquiry there. Here you get to the catalogue.

2. By E-Mail

You can also enquire by e-mail. Please understand that in case of mailed photos we often have to request a real sample in order to compare the quality.

3. By Mail

This is the best way if you cannot come personally. Please send us your samples (or fragments) in a padded envelope, stating size and required quantity. The colour can be best compared with a sample. We will reply by return of mail.

4. Personally

Of course you may visit us personally. This has the advantage that we could also show you very similar tiles if the same model is not available. A slight difference in colour often is hardly visible on separate surfaces like bath tubs or pipe boxes. Furthermore, you could then take away your tiles directly. Please bring a sample! In the rarest cases a smartphone photo is helpful.

5. By Phone

With the exact description at hand (manufacturer, article number, colour number and nuance) we can usually give you information over the telephone. All our different tiles are registered in a detailed computer-based card file which enables us to tell within a few moments whether the required tile is available. As we also have additional unsorted tiles with different descriptions that look very similar, a sample is the best method for us.

For any further questions please phone us.

After checking your enquiry you will in any case get an offer without obligation, stating the price of the tiles plus cost of dispatch. You can place your order in writing after receipt of our offer.

Please note! If we deliver only according to your details without having seen the actual sample, we cannot accept an exchange of the tiles later on. Samples will only be returned unfranked or against return postage.

Delivery time is approx. 6 working days. Dispatch daily, express delivery on request.


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